We produce effective, cost saving audio commercials that work. We work for all types of content creators: podcasts, social media, streaming, radio and all audio platforms. 

Our spots work great set against your visual content.

We keep it simple. We deliver it fast. We do it better.

You make money.


Our process is designed to run quickly. Simple submissions, quick turnaround, effective spots every time. We run a tight, efficient process so you get in, get out and profit.


Our customers love to save money (but who doesn’t). Since we keep it simple, we can keep our prices low. Whether you order One or ONE HUNDRED spots, you get surprising low prices every time.


We are a highly skilled team of multi-talented creatives who handle every aspect of the process. We can maintain high standards because we are hands-on every step of the way.


We’re a team of audio producers and voice actors who have been turning out great spots for years. We’ve streamlined the process, we own all of our music and we are the voice talent.

All you need is a script. We do the rest.

Have a special project? Want to buy in bulk?

Our Process

We have this down to a science. From the minute you place your order and submit your script, we get to work. You’ll have your spot back within 48 hours on weekdays (usually same day delivery).


Your script is as important as any other part of creating a great spot. It’s the foundation of the creative process. If you need help, we offer script writing services as well.


After you have your script(s) locked in, it’s time for the fun part. Head to the order page and grab your spots.  One, Two or Twenty — We offer singles or many bundles you can use over time.


After purchase, unless we already know you and your preferences, we will likely send a quick message to confirm the order and ask any project-related questions.


Once we confirm any creative issues, we dive right in by selecting the proper talent, music, sound effects and production styles. Often our team will create multiple options to preview.


We provide access to a secure, personal delivery platform. We will likely return your spot within 24 hours on weekdays and by end of day Monday if ordered on a weekend.


This one is easy. What we send you is yours to use anywhere you want. Put it on social media, radio, streaming, add your visuals, play it on your phone for your… dog. Whatever.  It’s yours. 

Our Work

Hear samples from a variety of SpotBaby spots. From high energy to peaceful, low-key to epic, comedic to dramatic – all from global, national, local platforms.  We’ve got you covered.

Let’s Chat

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